Security Realms

Security realms are provided through the management fraction. Security realms can be used used to secure the management endpoints, but also the monitoring endpoints are even application level code.


To use the management fraction in your application, you need to add the following dependency:


You may use the InMemoryAuthentication and InMemoryAuthorization plugins for simple compile-time definition of security-realms. Each of these can be specified programattically or through user-defined loading of .properties files similar to the default and that WildFly normally uses.

new ManagementFraction()
        .securityRealm("ManagementRealm", (realm) -> {
            realm.inMemoryAuthentication( (authn)->{
                authn.add( "admin", "password", true );
            realm.inMemoryAuthorization( (authz)->{
                authz.add( "bob", "admin" );

If you wish to perform more advanced configuration, please see the JavaDocs for the Management API.