Common Concepts and terminology



A well-defined collection of capabilities to add. In some cases, a fraction maps directly to a subsystem from WildFly, but in other cases (e.g. Jolokia) a fraction may involve different functionality.


A self-contained, executable Java archive. In the case of WildFly Swarm uberjars, it is a single .jar file containing your application, the portions of WildFly required to support it, an internal Maven repository of dependencies, plus a shim to bootstrap it all.

Hollow Uberjar

A self-contained, executable Java archive that contains no application code. Somewhat contradictory term. It is a container capable of deploying a particular type of application.

Default Deployment

The primary application artifact created by your Maven or Gradle build. This may be a .war in many cases or a .jar, depending on the <packaging> in your pom.xml