JBoss Forge Add-on

JBoss Forge is a software development tool that extends your IDE, providing wizards and extensions (add-ons) for different technologies and solutions. Try JBoss Forge by downloading it at http://forge.jboss.org.

The Wildfly Swarm team provides an add-on that eases the user experience on Swarm.


From Forge CLI:

addon-install-from-git --url https://github.com/forge/wildfly-swarm-addon.git

From Eclipse/JBoss Developer Studio:

  • Press Ctrl (Or Command if you are on OSX) + 4 and select the Install an Addon from GIT option.

  • Enter https://github.com/forge/wildfly-swarm-addon.git as the url and press "Finish"

From IntelliJ IDEA:

  • Press Ctrl (Or Command if you are on OSX) + Alt + 4 and select the Install an Addon from GIT option.

  • Enter https://github.com/forge/wildfly-swarm-addon.git as the url and press "Finish"

From Netbeans:

  • Go to the Quick Search field in the upper right corner and type Install an Addon from GIT.

  • Enter https://github.com/forge/wildfly-swarm-addon.git as the url and press "Finish"


Wildfly-Swarm Setup command

Using the Forge shell, navigate to a Java EE project, or create one using the project-new --named demo --stack JAVA_EE_7 command and type the following command if you’re in shell.


It should read Wildfly-Swarm: Setup if you’re in a GUI environment:

This will make the wildfly-swarm-maven plugin to be installed in your project and the Wildfly Swarm BOM added to the <dependencyManagement> section.

You may also find some options that will be added to the Wildfly Swarm maven plugin like the context path, the HTTP port and the HTTP Port offset

Wildfly-Swarm Add Fraction

You can install Wildfly Swarm Fractions by using the command Wildfly-Swarm: Add Fraction:

[demo]$ wildfly-swarm-add-fraction --fractions
arquillian           camel-jms            datasources          javafx               jdr                  logging              monitor              swagger              vertx
batch-jberet         camel-jmx            ejb                  jaxrs                jgroups              logstash             mysql                swagger-webapp       webservices
bean-validation      camel-jpa            ejb-remote           jaxrs-cdi            jmx                  mail                 postgresql           topology-consul
camel-cdi            camel-mail           h2                   jaxrs-jaxb           jolokia              management           remoting             topology-jgroups
camel-core           camel-other          hibernate-search     jaxrs-jsonp          jpa                  management-console   resource-adapters    topology-openshift
camel-cxf            camel-undertow       hibernate-validator  jaxrs-multipart      jsf                  messaging            ribbon               topology-webapp
camel-ejb            cdi                  hystrix              jaxrs-validator      keycloak             microprofile         ribbon-secured       transactions
camel-jaxb           cdi-ext              infinispan           jca                  keycloak-server      mod_cluster          spring               undertow
Installed fractions are not listed when you press <TAB> to auto-complete
WildFly-Swarm Create Test Class

You can create a Java Test Class and adds Arquillian WildFly Swarm dependency. This test uses the @DefaultDeployment deployment approach and in case of specifying the flag asClient it sets this test as testable false and also enriches your test with current URL.

[demo]$ wildfly-swarm-new-test --target-package org.example.rest --named HelloWorldEndpointTest
***SUCCESS*** Test Class org.example.rest.HelloWorldEndpointTest was created
[demo]$ cd src/test/java/org/example/rest/HelloWorldEndpointTest.java
[HelloWorldEndpointTest.java]$ cat -c .
package org.example.rest;

import org.junit.runner.RunWith;
import org.jboss.arquillian.junit.Arquillian;
import org.wildfly.swarm.arquillian.DefaultDeployment;
import org.junit.Test;

public class HelloWorldEndpointTest {

	public void should_start_service() {