The management fraction supports enabling the WildFly management interface and specifying security realms.


To use the management fraction in your application, you need to add the following dependency:


By default, the HTTP-upgrade-based management interface is exposed. You will probably desire to provide a security-realm at least for the ManagementRealm to secure the management interface.

You may use the InMemoryAuthentication and InMemoryAuthorization plugins for simple compile-time definition of security-realms. Each of these can be specified programattically or through user-defined loading of .properties files similar to the default and that WildFly normally uses.

        .httpInterfaceManagementInterface((iface) -> {
        .securityRealm("ManagementRealm", (realm) -> {
            realm.inMemoryAuthentication( (authn)->{
                authn.add( "bob", "tacos!", true );
            realm.inMemoryAuthorization( (authz)->{
                authz.add( "bob", "admin" );

If you wish to perform more advanced configuration, please see the JavaDocs for the Management API.


The following properties control options for the management interface:

Name Description Default

The HTTP port management will listen on


The HTTPS port management will listen on